Victoria Kelly

Director of NZ Member Services, APRA AMCOS

Victoria is a composer, performer and producer of music – and is also the Director of NZ Member Services at APRA AMCOS.

Victoria composes contemporary classical music as well as music for film, television and theatre. She plays keyboards, sings and arranges orchestral music for other artists. Having worked as a musical director and composer for large scale events and television programs and also acted as an advisor and assessor for local and national arts organisations, Victoria brings together a broad range or experience and mastery.

Because New Zealand is a small place, the music industry is an intimate environment and most of the people working in it know, respect and support each other. The projects she works on are usually low budget ones, but that gives us the opportunity to try things that people risking large sums of other people's money might not.

Victoria has worked with a wide range of New Zealand musicians and artists. Her classical work has been commissioned, performed and/or recorded by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Auckland Philharmonia, the New Zealand String Quartet, NZTrio, Stroma, Michael Houstoun and Stephen de Pledge. In the popular music world, Victoria has collaborated with artists like Neil Finn, Finn Andrews, Don McGlashan, Anika Moa, SJD and Shapeshifter. As a film composer Victoria has worked with Peter Jackson, Jonathan King and Robert Sarkies among some others.


2:30 – 3:00 pm


The Power of international collaboration and how doing things differently is sparking creativity in the music industry

The music industry knows all about disruption to their business model. Digitisation has led to lower barriers to entry for artists, but how does that translate into a viable, sustainable commercial model, ensuring artists are getting paid. APRA AMCOS has that mission on behalf of artists and by investing in a collaboration model with big names in the USA. They have stunning results, creating more predictable commercial success for Kiwi artists and in much faster timeframes.