Shelley Guerard

Head of Asia, Icebreaker

Shelley Guerard has been on a journey creating a 360 appreciation of business models and their product lifecycles for global consumers

A start up DNA has driven Shelley's journey from her early days at university creatively having to fund her OE through prototyping her own beachwear label; through to leading the Australian incubation and swimwear chain roll out for, now Billabong owned, surf retailer Beach Culture; to heading a Brett Blundy vertical fast fashion incubation and then leading his retail rapid roll out of Diva accessories from 65 to 115 stores in 18 months.

An inner calling for NZ's nature, it's mountains and its beaches, saw Shelley return home. The last 12 years she has been immersed in sustainable apparel, having spent 8 years converting and enabling the move of international apparel brands from plastic apparel to natural alternatives within Merino specialised manufacturing. Shelley's current journey continues the movement to natural, with Icebreaker, the global leaders in Merino functional apparel. Here she has been able to ignite her passions of cultures and travel as part of the global leadership team as Head of Asia, developing and driving the Asia strategy and bringing to life a new journey in localised product partnerships for the brand with 旅 Tabi. A Japanese designed collection that has opened new pathways, beyond Asia to now reach across the globe, enabling urban consumers to join our move to natural.


3:20 – 3:40 pm


Test and Learn – Adapting to change and doing it at scale

Adapting your product to a new market. Icebreaker have learned by trial and error how to adapt to different consumers in different markets and this is a case study in lessons learned.