Rebecca Smith

Director, NZ Story

Rebecca is an optimistic, energetic and experienced marketer leading the Government’s New Zealand Story Group. The New Zealand Story is an initiative that defines the distinctly Kiwi attributes that make New Zealand unique and provides a framework to help us better communicate our value to the world. Rebecca has a unique view of how consumers and buyers offshore see New Zealand and can share insights into what we need to do, say and show to shift perceptions and trigger better outcomes – whether it be attracting people to visit, study, live, do business with or invest in New Zealand. Rebecca is passionate about driving the success and prosperity of New Zealand and New Zealand businesses and is on a mission to make New Zealand famous for more good things.


11:55 - 12:15 pm

Perception vs. Reality - NZ Story dive deep into their research about how the world sees New Zealand

How the market see us and your place in the world can have a massive impact on your potential market share, access to markets and the distributors you’re forming relationships with – NZ Story have new insights on what this looks like and how we need to navigate moving forward.