Welcome to Go Global 2019

TradeMonster, Zespri, Kono & Google – Let their techniques take you to the next level

This year Go Global brings you innovative, tech-savvy and customer-focused leaders who are changing the way they export and deliver at scale. Why the changes? Because it cuts down their trade risks.


Dark clouds are gathering in international trade circles, with tariff wars between the US and China, a messy Brexit, and the WTO disputes system under threat from the US failing to approve new appellant judges.


Our top-notch contributors at this year’s one-day conference will dive deep into what this means for New Zealand exporters, including:


  • Food and beverage brand buildersPics Peanut Butter, Kono, Alliance Group and TrackBack alk about their amazing food and beverage journeys, moving up the value chain, unique offers challenging their marketing approaches.
  • Adapting to different markets – Zespri International and icebreaker will share how they’ve adapted their products and approaches in new markets, and how they’ve pivoted to leverage each venture they attack
  • E-commerce – changing at paceTrademonster & Google discuss top digital strategies for exporters and how Trade Monster has integrated logistics and digital sales & distribution into China
  • Tech tigers – leading the future of the way we work – Award-winning Dexibit & Kami are using technology in new ways that are putting them at the forefront of their industries. Hear their examples of how they’re cutting through into international markets.


Join us for a full day of Kiwi exporters telling their big stories about how they are leaping forward and battling international competitors. Take what they’ve learnt and see how you can scale your exporting business.


Catherine Beard,
Executive Director,

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//Our Speakers

Celeste McCormick

Retail Lead

Gavin Yang

Managing Director

David Courtney

Chief Grower & Alliances Officer


Shelley Guerard

Head of Asia

Victoria Kelly

Director of NZ Member Services

Semanie Cato

Head of Sales & Partnerships

Nigel Jones

General Manager – Strategy
Alliance Group

Rachel Taulelei

Kono NZ

Pic Picot

Pic's Peanut Butter

Rebecca Smith

NZ Story


Tim Green

General Manager – Customers

David Wilks

General Manager
Weta Workshop

Hengjie Wang

CEO & Co-Founder

Cecilia Paredes

Marketing Director

Chris Moore

Roam Creative

Catherine Graham

Divisional Manager of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Economic Division
New Zealand Government

Hon. Damien O'Connor

Minister of Agriculture & Associate Minister of Trade and Export Growth
New Zealand Government

Catherine Beard

Executive Director


MC Nadine Higgins

Head of Brand, Comms + Content enableMe and Freelance Journalist


Stephanie Honey

Associate Directo
New Zealand International Business Forum

//AGENDA – Thursday, 17 October 2019

8.00 am – 8.30 am

Registration, Expo & Networking

8.40 am – 8.45 am

Export New Zealand Welcome

Catherine Beard, Executive Director – ExportNZ

8.45 am – 9.05 am

A look behind the curtain how – Trade priorities, trade-offs and trading partners

The Minister will talk about the Coalition Government’s trade priorities and how trade can be more inclusive and of greater benefit to our wider society. We will then explore what the trade-offs are when doing Free Trade Agreements, and what is the focus for the Government once we have a high coverage of FTA’s with trading partners?

Hon. Damien O’Connor, Minister of Agriculture & Associate Minister of Trade and Export Growth – New Zealand Government

9.05 am – 9.40 am

NZ’s reality with international trade risks and MFAT’s approach to our negotiations

What are the trade risks and what we can do about them? Dark clouds are gathering in international trade circles, with tariff wars between the US and China, a messy Brexit and the WTO disputes system under threat from the US failing to approve of new appellant judges. What does this mean for New Zealand exporters and what is MFAT doing to manage these risks?

Catherine Graham, Divisional Manager of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Economic Division – NZ Government

Stephanie Honey, Associate Director – New Zealand International Business Forum


9.45 am – 10.30 am


Roam Creative – We design, build and launch exceptional digital-first businesses and products, working with clients from around the world.

Dexibit – Big data analytics for visitor attractions around the world finalists in the of ExportNZ Auckland/Waikato AirNZ Cargo Awards 2019

Kami – Your digital classroom hero. Over 7 million educators using Kami in the USA and beyond. Winners of ExportNZ Auckland/Waikato AirNZ Cargo Awards 2019

Chris Moore, Co-Founder – Roam Creative

Cecilia Paredes, Marketing Director – Dexibit

Hengjie Wang, CEO & Co-Founder – Kami


10.30 am – 11.00 am

Networking Break – Morning Tea


11.00 am – 11.35 am

Weta Workshop

Benefits Beyond the Screen: Weta Workshop’s Journey to Export Growth through Diversification

This innovative creative company has used film as its launchpad for growth. By diversifying from concept design and manufacturing capabilities, Weta Workshop now boasts award-winning, location-based entertainment and mixed reality gaming divisions, a consumer products division and a thriving tourism operation that’s set to expand into Auckland in 2020.


David Wilks, General Manager – Weta Workshop


11.35 am – 11.55 am

Heroines & Heroes, Victories & Defeats – unpacking the highs and lows of exporting

NZTE help businesses grow – bigger, better, faster – for the good of NZ. The quest for growth is rarely easy… will battle scars or glory await?

Tim Green, General Manager – Customers NZTE

11.55 am – 12.15 pm

Perception vs. Reality – NZ Story dive deep into their research about how the world sees New Zealand

How the market see us and your place in the world can have a massive impact on your potential market share, access to markets and the distributors you’re forming relationships with – NZ Story have new insights on what this looks like and how we need to navigate moving forward.

Rebecca Smith, Director – NZ Story

12.15 pm – 1.15 pm

Networking Break – Lunch


1.15 pm – 1.35 pm

Pics Peanut Butter

From homemade to iconic – Seeing what we do differently and building a brand to match

Building a brand from scratch, an entrepreneur shares his journey from home made peanut butter sold at the farmers markets to an iconic brand found in the best supermarkets in the world. What makes Pics different and how the brand was built.

Pic Picout, Founder – Pic’s Peanut Butter

1.35 pm – 1.55 pm


Sustainable, Ethical and Innovative – More than just the New Zealand Natural image

An associated business of Wakatū Incorporation, Kono NZ is a vertically integrated, family-owned Māori food and beverage producer – an artisan producer, and exporter of award-winning wine, cider, seafood, fruit and natural fruit bars.From pasture to plate, hear how Kono are taking on the world and telling their unique story.

Rachel Taulelei, CEO – Kono NZ

1.55 pm – 2.15 pm

Alliance Group

65 Countries, moving up the value chain and keeping it all about our people

The leading meat exporter, Alliance Group is making inroads into the food services sector with its premium range. Nigel Jones shares what it takes to move up the value chain, from commodity to high value product, which is being sold in Michelin star restaurants in Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States.

Nigel Jones, General Manager – Strategy Alliance Group

2.15 pm – 2.30 pm


Buy, Eat, Wear – Using blockchain to keep it real

TrackBack gives everyday consumers the ability to understand exactly what they are purchasing, eating or wearing in a way that has largely been lost in the internet age. They do this through their place in Centrality’s ecosystem and blockchain expertise. To finish, a case study of manuka honey.

Semaine Cato, Head of Sales & Partnerships TrackBack


2.30 pm – 3.00 pm


The Power of international collaboration and how doing things differently is sparking creativity in the music industry

The music industry knows all about disruption to their business model. Digitisation has led to lower barriers to entry for artists, but how does that translate into a viable, sustainable commercial model, ensuring artists are getting paid. APRA AMCOS has that mission on behalf of artists and by investing in a collaboration model with big names in the USA. They have stunning results, creating more predictable commercial success for Kiwi artists and in much faster timeframes.

Victoria Kelly, Director of NZ Member Services – APRA AMCOS

3.00 pm – 3.30 pm

Networking Break – Afternoon Tea


3.30 pm – 3.50 pm


Test and Learn – Adapting to change and doing it at scale

Adapting your product to a new market. Icebreaker have learned by trial and error how to adapt to different consumers in different markets and this is a case study in lessons learned.

Shelley Guerard, Head of Asia – Icebreaker

3.50 pm – 4.10 pm


Not all markets are created equal – How Zespri has adapted to the different markets and cultures they work with

What works in one market does not necessarily translate into success in another. Dave Courtney will share how they have changed their messaging and marketing, depending on the market insight they have gained.

David Courtney, Chief Grower & Alliances Officer – Zespri


4.10 pm – 4.25 pm


Scaling up – How integration served big wins in the Chinese market

Knowing what it takes to get noticed in China and changes seen in the last three years. He is the biggest e commerce seller on behalf of many well-known Kiwi brands. How does it work, what’s changing and how are they keeping up with the pace of change.

Gavin Yang, Managing Director – Trademonster

4.25 pm – 4.50 pm


How Google is playing it’s part with international trade and how New Zealand business can leverage their insights

Google’s NZ representative Celeste McCormick shares the inside info on how the giant search engine can do some of the heavy lifting for exporters.

Celeste McCormick, Retail Lead – Google New Zealand

4.50 pm – 5.00 pm

Closing Remarks

Catherine Beard, Executive Director – ExportNZ

5.00 pm – 6.00 pm

Networking – Drinks and Canapés

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